Section 4: Open Election Data in Practice: Examples from Latin America Chile

Election cycle assessed: November 17, 2013 Presidential, Parliamentary and Regional Councillors.

Party/candidate registration: Chile provides a good example of data on candidate registration status.1 In addition to providing a complete list of all candidates’ status, for regional councillor candidates it provides data on the justification if candidates were rejected. This provision of data is extremely rare within the region and across the world. The justification data is provided in a non-proprietary format (PDF); however, it is not analyzable (image file).

Election results: Chile provides an exemplary model for making its final election results open. Final results are easy to locate (discoverable) and are available at the primary (polling station) level. They can be accessed by complete, bulk download in analyzable but proprietary format (Excel).

  1. To access data, click on “Resoluciones de aceptación y rechazo de candidaturas” on left sidebar. 

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